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We were the pioneers of luxury bathrooms and we are proud of it. But, like all pioneers, we have been joined by others who have followed in our footsteps. This is why we prefer to define ourselves as visionaries, explorers. This is what we were by being the first in Lyon, more than forty years ago, to create a showroom dedicated to the worlds of luxury for your bathrooms, sanitary facilities and kitchen.


Throughout our adventure, we have been among the first to collaborate with the biggest names in decoration, architecture, designs and trends such as Wilmotte, Starck, Garcia. We have accompanied them in their projects and we have defended their creations to our clients, which is why they continue to trust us today. Far from resting on our achievements, we are now discovering and unearthing new creations among the young generation and new waves of designers and collaborating with the new big names in architecture.


We were the first to have trusted, selected and referenced brands like THG and Cristal & Bronze or young designers like Devaran. We had the guts to tackle such amazing projects as
equipment Boeings 737, private yachts and royal residences around the world with water spaces. Because yes, through these exceptional achievements, it is the very essence of our desire to always go further alongside our clients’ projects that is expressed.

This boldness, creativity and inspirations, is what made us different during our first 40 years of existence. These same values continue to animate us and that is why we have redesigned our Sanitaire Luxe brand and today it becomes SL1980.

40 years into luxury business, I think we have (finally), entered the age of reason! When I started in 1980, with a phone book, a rotary phone and a typewriter, I had
everything to build. This story, which I share today with my son Charles-Hugo, was built around meetings and people who gave us their trust.

JC took me under his wing and I was able to open the first showroom in Lyon dedicated to the THG brand along with Margot. A real anticipation for the time when I knew almost nothing about this universe. A chance that I was able to transform into a real business allowing architects, decorators, installers and other professionals in the region to benefit from a unique choice and advice that they could find in Big Europeans cities.

instead of marketing

You thought we were selling faucets ?

It is the case, yes. But beyond the product, the object, we bring you more than that. Our added value lies in the support
and expertise that we bring to your projects and achievements. We select for you a wide range of sanitary ware, faucets, showers, toilets and spas but we offer/ advise them to you with the expertise, the vision and the passion of 40 years of projects carried out at your side.

You thought we were only going to make you money?
Of course, we will respect your budget so that your projects are profitable: but above all, we will save you time. A lot of time. And time, as you know…is money… but not only!
Time is also a luxury that you will be able to seize and enjoy as you wish to carry out your activity in the best possible conditions.
At SL1980, we will out our knowledge, our talents and our know-how at the service of your project. Entrusting us with your projects is the luxury of having time and it is priceless.

At SL1980, we will out our knowledge, our talents and our know-how at the service of your project. Entrusting us with your projects is the luxury of having time and it is priceless.

Do you want to spend the next few nights discovering our 12 767 product references?

And well done… On the other hand, if you prefer to spend your nights differently, we will take over! We listen to your needs, your desires, your constraints and we find the solution n adequacy with your requirements and your universe.

You believe in everything made in France?
We…well…it depends! We are more interested in finding the right product for the project you are working on, no matter where it is located.
Inspirations, new trends, niche brand discoveries that may appeal to you: the world is our only frontier/limit.
We know where to look for the inspiration that makes the difference, the detail that will make your space stand
out, to always offer you furniture that meets your needs.
Vous pensez que nous aimons tous les projets ?
Cela serait inconscient de vous dire non. Notre vision est d’aborder chaque nouveau projet comme si c’était le nôtre et nous mettons tout en oeuvre pour que cela devienne un projet commun que nous partageons avec vous.
Vous êtes des personnes exigeantes, nous aussi. C’est pour cela que notre savoir-être et notre savoir-faire font la différence dans la réussite des projets menés : nous vous écoutons, nous traduisons vos besoins et les envies de vos clients en une réalité, nous construisons une offre à vos côtés et la mettons en oeuvre avec soin pour la réaliser.
Our references

We accompany/support you, from A to Z and in the respects of their constraints, the architects, research departments, economists of construction, decorators, promotors and raftsmen in the selection and the supply of furniture and accessories.

The entire universe of luxury bathrooms:

We have more than 40 000 references from the catalogs of the biggest brands and designers. Discover our exclusive selection and enter the world of Sanitaire Luxe 1980.

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